The situation is severe and everyone must help.

We live in a troubled world where wars and conflicts are part of everyday life for a lot of people. Many are on the run from oppression, war and poverty.

Never before has the flow of refugees to Europe been so immense.

Families are shattered and the children are affected the most.

What can we do to help these people?

We are passionate about the environment/sustainability and integration. Our strongest brand name is Rosendal’s Honey but we are also working with other products related to beekeeping.

One of the services we can offer is education in beekeeping. The education is particularly focussed on people that are far from the labour market. Already today there are workshops and vocational training available, but these are mostly aimed at people that already have a place in society. Many of those who are far from the labour market are refugees, people with mental illness or other kinds of disabilities.

These are the people we want to offer an opportunity for employment and a more meaningful existence.

This while at the same time making a great impact for the environment.

A society that also takes into account and respects the equal value of everyone and believes in everyone’s inner power.

Do you share our values?

Then, together we all can make a difference!

Jabbar makes frames.

Fuad prepares new boxes for the upcoming season!