About us

Rosendal’s Bee Products is a family business in Strömsnäsbruk, established in 2005. Our hives are placed in the southern parts of Sweden. The management consists of Per, Veronica, Emil and Oscar.


The company started with 3 beehives in 2005

There was and still is a shortage in beekeepers. There is a growing understanding of the importance bees have for the pollination of different plants.

If there are bees, the pollination of berries and fruit will be for the benefit of everyone.


Today the company has about 450 bee colonies

The number of colonies has increased from 3 to about 450 through dividing the bee colonies.

The colonies are divided on about 35 stationary bee farms placed in the southern parts of Sweden, and there are also ten trailers that are moved between different locations.

Per Fyhrlund
Production and Finances
Veronica Fyhrlund
Sales and Quality
Emil FyhrlundOscar Fyhrlund