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The advantages of pollination

Our bees pollinate both wild plants and crops. Bees can often be thanked for plentyful fruit and berry harvests. This value does not primarily benefit the Swedish beekeepers, but the entire Swedish people.

Also, the farmer’s economy when cultivating rapeseed and turnip rape improves. The yield increases with at least 5 % for rapeseed and at least 15 % for turnip rape. The risk of pest infestation decreases with fast pollination, and the chlorofyll content will be lower because of the higher percentage of ripe seeds in an early and evenly pollinated crop. The bees’ effective pollination will, hence, yield more, and also more oilrich, seeds which, of course, directly affects the economic return of the cultivation.

In order to achieve the best pollination possible, the bee colonies should be placed on different locations out in the field. The closer the bees are to the crop the better. Bees pollinate the best within 200 meters from the hive. For rapeseed and turnip rape 2-3 colonies per hectare are required, while for instance white clover requires 2-4 colonies.

It is important that you contact us well in advance before an assignment in order to allow us to have the time to prepare the hives. It is the larvae laid six weeks before the assignment that will do the pollination.


Pollination assignments

Are you interested in increasing your returns when cultivating oilseeds, white clover, field bean et cetera without increasing your labour or investments? Then you should not hesitate to contact us about renting beehives. It is the simplest, most natural and most affordable alternative. The yield can increase a lot, but the normal increase is 5-15 %. We take care of everything and you as a farmer will not need to waste any time on it and can focus entirely on your crops. Please contact us about prices.

Below you can see some pictures from pollination assignments in Österlen in Skåne.

osterlen 1osterlen3osterlen5