Honey handling

The premises where we process and tap the honey are located in Lidhult, between Strömsnäsbruk and Hinneryd. The property is called Rosendal, hence the name “Rosendal´s Bee Products”

We treat the honey carefully in order not to destroy the vitamins and minerals.

The honey premises in Lidhul

When the frames are full and the cells are covered with wax, the honey is ready for processing. The beekeeper then removes the wax covers and extracts the honey from the frames. Before that, it must also be carefully checked that the honey does not contain too much water. A high water content may cause the honey to ferment in the jars. In case of too much water, the honey has to be “dehumidified” before it is extracted.

Before the honey is bottled it must be sieved and mixed. The honey must not be heated to more than a maximum of 40 degrees, or the various enzymes and bactericidal substances in the honey will be destroyed. We handle the honey very carefully and only heat it up enough to allow it to be poured it into jars.

The wax is removed with a special fork.

After removing the wax, the frames are placed in a ”carousel” waiting to be spun.

The honey is removed from the frames during the extraction process.

Here the honey is being poured/bottled into jars.